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Wedding Piano Music

What comes to mind when you think of wedding piano music? Do you think of Ludovico Einaudi? The theme from Love Actually? Something classy like Clair De Lune? Something more old-fashioned like Prince of Denmark’s March or the Bridal Chorus by Wagner?


You may also wonder if these are cliched, overused repertoires, if a particularly niche song by a band such as Evanescence is too far-reaching. You might wonder if Guns N’ Roses’ Welcome To The Jungle works on piano. Ludicrous right? Actually, not at all.


This is why I love the piano. I’ve dedicated years and years of my life to studying how your favourite song or piece can be arranged uniquely for piano.


When it comes to your wedding, you’ll have a flurry of ideas about what music can work to make it an experience to remember. There are no limits to your options with regard to the piano but this can also work against you. Often, the simplest thing is to have a discussion about your wedding piano music directly with your pianist.


Wedding Piano Music by Theme

Typically, you, the bride or groom-to-be, will have a general idea of what music you’d like. Did you ever think to give your wedding a musical theme? Your wedding might be themed around the movies, it could be themed around a specific genre of film (love films, fantasy, action), a band (Coldplay, Take That, Depeche Mode), a musical genre (Minimalist, Impressionist, Classical) and a whole host of other such types.


If you’re like many people, you’ll want an eclectic mix of piano music for your wedding. You’ll want a sprinkling of this and a dash of that. A certain song may have been a favourite of a beloved late-relative. Another may remind you of your childhood excursions to Disneyland and so forth. You’re not bound by rules and formalities when it comes to your wedding music. Similarly, if you don’t consider yourself a person with definite musical tastes, there is no pressure at all to create any particular playlist.


All you need is a starting point with a handful of maybes. A good wedding piano player will put your mind at ease in no time. Bring along your most challenging ideas to him and see if he can’t cultivate a beautiful arrangement of music for your wedding. Some music, like the repertoires of Ludovico Einaudi or Hans Zimmer, are tailor-made to sound beautiful anyhow.


Arranging a meet with your Wedding Piano Player.

So, time to meet with your wedding pianist. Is it a lot to ask of your wedding pianist to bring along his digital piano when you meet? Well, so long as you’re not expecting to squash into Starbucks on a Friday evening, this should be no issue. You deserve to hear, live, the music you’re potentially going to have accompanying your big day. The least he can do is send on a recording of some song ideas on piano before your meeting.


I tend to post some music to my YouTube channel before meeting couples. I’ve done this with Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love, Take That’s Greatest Day and Lily Allen’s Somewhere Only We Know but to mention a few. I have never walked away from meeting with a couple where we couldn’t establish at least three quarters of the wedding set there and then. It’s very enjoyable siphoning your best musical options and coming away with another to-do box ticked.


Closing thoughts

I’d advise you not to ponder your wedding music playlist to the point of anxiety. It should be fun to throw out a few good song ideas and then trust in your pianist to make your choice combination sound incredible. Speaking from personal experience, your wedding day will have an uncanny ability to take care of itself no matter how many preparations you feel you have left undone.


Obviously, coming from a position of bias, I believe that the piano is the perfect instrument for your wedding. Soft, loud, exciting, emotional, illustrious, deep, personal; I can think of many adjectives for it. Played with loving care, the piano can transform bits and pieces of songs and instrumentals into one, seamless wedding playlist.


Why not fill out the contact form on this page to get in touch with me. I’d love to hear from you.


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