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Traditional Irish Church Wedding Music




Getting married in Ireland is the perfect reason to have an all Irish traditional music programme for your church ceremony. The idea has seen a slow and steady rise in popularity in recent years. Here, I’d like to share a list of my own suggestions as arranged for piano. Being an instrumental pianist, I’ve discovered that the marriage between Irish airs and piano is somewhat divine. Therefore, there are no end of choices in this realm for engraining your church ceremony in a deeply historical tradition. Here is a short guide to selecting your traditional Irish church wedding music. 



A Little History

Many of our most beautiful pieces in the Irish music tradition come from centuries back when musicians such as Turlough O’Carolan traveled a forest laden country to perform in castles at weddings and parties of patrons. These musicians made a living, somewhat like yours truly, from traveling the land on horseback and playing for commission. Many wealthy patrons had music composed for them in their name and honour.


Another source of many of our most stunning melodies come from our rich folk-singing tradition, inspired by folklore, poetry, art, spirituality, war and love.


Handed down through generations through a specifically oral tradition, these pieces have remained deeply personal and celebrate the very best of what it means to be Irish.


Which Instrument for your wedding?

Your Irish church wedding can feature any number of Irish traditional musicians such as Uileann Pipes, Harp, Traditional Flute etc. My own offering of course rests on gorgeous arrangements of Irish music on piano and here, I’d like to share with you a handful of ideas to help make your Irish wedding ceremony an experience.


Traditional Irish church wedding music choices:

The Coolin

Tabhair Dom do Lamh

Slane (Ancient melody used for Be Thou My Vision)

Inis Oirr

The Lonesome Boatman

The Parting Glass

Ag Críost an Síol

Suntraí by O’Carroll

She Moved Through The Fair

The Dawning of the Day


Explore ideas online

So with that, get on Spotify and YouTube and see if you like anything from this list. Perhaps you’ll discover alternatives. Whichever way, select a few and keep things simple for yourself. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by choice. Whatever music you decide upon, it’ll sound great for your traditional Irish church music programme.


Get in touch!

If you’d like a top end piano player to supply traditional Irish church music for your wedding, Paul has you covered and he will happily work out an amazing wedding programme with you. Get in touch today for a quick quote and to check availability. 

4 Responses to Traditional Irish Church Wedding Music

  1. […] Being an Irish Pianist, I thought that this could not be overlooked. Irish Traditional on piano will generally cover some of the best-loved Irish airs and ballads from antiquity to modern day. There is a broad range of options in this category which can be beautifully covered on piano. The following list is but a sample: 1. Instrumental music of artists such as Clannad, The Chieftans, Altan, Flook and Shaun Davey. 2 Ancient airs such as those of Turlough O’Carolan. 3. The songs of modern Irish balladeers like The Fureys, Celtic Woman, The High Kings, Christy Moore, The Clancy Brothers and The Dubliners. There is a wealth of music from this musical tradition which can be adapted for piano. Having an Irish themed wedding is an attractive prospect for anyone who is proud of their natural heritage. I’ve written on this in more detail here:  […]

  2. Jean says:

    I was just wondering do you play for the reception arrivals. That is we were looking for wedding music at the reception as the guests arrive and I was informed about you and was just enquiring.

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