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Getting Married in 2018 | Piano For Your Wedding

Wedding Piano

Considering your Wedding Music

Congrats to you, the bride and groom to be in 2018 or beyond. This is a short post just to help you get started thinking about your wedding music. You might have decided to book a singer or a quartet or to have a family member gift you with music. But have you considered having instrumental piano for your ceremony?

The Piano

It’s something that I’ve been refining for years but my art is one that is very much suited for a wedding ceremony. The piano has a power and a subtly that give it a non-domineering presence. It has the ability to evoke memories of your most beloved tunes from early romantic days to childhood. It is distinctive, dignified and the stuff of dreams, in musical terms.

The Benefits

I know from experience that having piano at a wedding ceremony is something that you don’t think of until you stumble across the idea. The piano fits in well on it’s own or with a singer (I have one particular girl who I team up with and she’s fantastic.). Couples often imagine that their music needs to be regal and bombastic to elevate the ceremony. I’d suggest that it’s best to remember what it’s all about; it’s about you, the couple, and the focus should solely be on you. Music that’s big and loud merely impresses a few guests at best and distracts at worst. This is why I’ve followed the path of providing what I provide, largely as a solo performer; I see it as essential for music to be simple in the selecting, gentle on the ear but absolutely not compromised on its beauty.


How about having solo piano for your wedding ceremony? Sometimes, less is more!

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