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Drinks Reception Entertainment Ideas? Get a pianist…

Your wedding planning is coming together; perhaps you’ve sorted out the ceremony part and selected a hotel. Now you want to begin focusing on the finer touches to your big day and you’re googling ‘drinks reception entertainment ideas’. It occurs to you that pre-dinner entertainment is required. The aperitifs are a must of course but if you’re really going to make everyone oblivious to the time, you’ll need some music. And not just any old music but good music.


The Piano

Your choice of musical options do vary and there are an excellent selection of singers, harpists and guitarists in Ireland to get the job done. But, and I’ve no problem with a self-promoting plug here, nothing beats instrumental piano music. Speaking as a pianist in this department, my approach is not about doing a job but rather about creating an experience. Sure, it is supposed to be background music, but your guests can’t help noticing, mid-conversation, the theme from Game of Thrones, The Godfather, The Mission and Inception. Back to their prosecco and suddenly they detect some Frank, Elvis, Bob or Michael Jackson. These greats are best conveyed on a piano. They should enter the semiconsciousness of your guests.


Why does the piano work so well? 

Instrumental piano works better than a pianist/singer setup because a singer takes up more attention and lyrics are subjective. Instrumental music is less constrained. It is more accessible to guests’ varying tastes. That is to say, your grandad may enjoy instrumental Ed Sheeran on piano much more than a singing cover of Ed Sheeran. Furthermore, the depth of a piano is unsurpassable compared with other instruments. It has that power and delicacy, that confidence and humility, all rolled into one. It can be both subtle and wild, depending on the ability of the pianist to control it. I’ve also observed guests playing can-you-guess-the-song-the-pianist-in-the-corner-is-playing or some variation of this. Piano represents class and luxury.


Book your pianist

The piano is a popular option today when trying to carve out good drinks reception entertainment ideas and, with relatively few pianists offering this option in Ireland, it’s a good idea to make your enquiries without delay. Your pianist will guide you through his programme and if you’re happy with his repertoire, get booking! It’ll be one of your best decisions for your big day.


Get in touch!

Paul is an instrument pianist specialising in performing music at your wedding ceremony and/or for your drinks reception. He is only too happy to guide your through the process of sorting out music on your wedding day and, if you get in touch today, you can be sure of a speedy response. He looks forward to hearing from you.

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